Digital X-rays in

Digital X-Rays in Toronto
People are now becoming more conscious about their health. And they keep a note of their safety before having any diagnosis. This is the reason dental technology shifted from film x-rays to digital ones. The digital x-ray not only provides an accurate picture of the problem but also emits minimum harmful radiation. It is making these film x-rays outdated with every passing year. Want to start your dental treatment journey? Let’s start it with the best dental digital x-rays in Toronto at Smile Dental Toronto.

Digital X-rays Procedure

The procedure for doing a digital x-ray is completely dynamic as it depends on your dental problem. But generally, the operator inserts a sensor in your mouth, having a camera on it to give a clear view of what’s happening inside on the screen. With this digital x-ray, dentists can even capture a picture of the infected area in a coloured view through a scanner. This not only helps in future reference but also provides a first-hand view of an actual dental disease from which the patient is going through.

Moreover, the patient might feel secure from fraud by getting a print of their x-ray. If they are dissatisfied with the dental care they are receiving, they have the choice to obtain an unbiased analysis from another dental professional or from themselves.

Affordable Digital X-Rays in St. Clair, Toronto
Digital X-Rays in Toronto

Benefits of Digital X-rays in Toronto

Digital x-rays in Toronto, provide advantages to both the patient and the dentist. It supports an ultra-zoom feature through which dental experts can properly and accurately analyze the patient’s current oral health. Adding to it will also aid in identifying any dental problem before it gets worse. On the other hand, It becomes easier for the dental expert to explain the oral health of the patient and to teach them the benefits of maintaining complete dental hygiene. As if there is something wrong with the patient’s oral health that will make them concerned about their dental hygiene. Thereby, it serves both the dental expert and the patient itself.

Depending on the patient, we can take X-rays in our clinic using either traditional or digital technologies. Using state-of-the-art technologies is still wise. It stimulates your diagnosis as well as producing accurate results. You can get your diagnosis by mail shortly after the test. However, the hard copy of the film X-ray results is not received for weeks.

Here are some of the important benefits of digital X-rays in St. Clair, Toronto:


The dentist or physician can view every feature of the scanned body part thanks to the high-quality images that digital X-rays may produce. This is superior to traditional X-rays.

Real-time Enhancement

It means quicker images that the radiologist can change the exposure in real-time, making the images brighter or darker depending on what they need to be to see certain parts of the scan more clearly.


As soon as the data and images are ready, the process of diagnosis and treatment can begin.


Digital X-rays not only need less radiation than traditional X-rays, but they also save a great deal of time and work compared to producing, storing, and locating the data from traditional X-rays.

Reduces the patient's exposure to radiation

It means quicker images that the radiologist can change the exposure in real-time, making the images brighter or darker depending on what they need to be to see certain parts of the scan more clearly.

Digital X-rays Vs. Traditional X-rays

Radiologists have used traditional X-rays since they were first made in the early 1900s. This method can make radiographic pictures of the inside of the body by combining chemical film processing with radiation energy.
What makes digital X-rays different from old ones? In comparison to the old method, digital radiography has made the following improvements:

  • Spending less time in the dark.
  • Improved ability to be located.
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio and linearity.
  • With a wider dynamic range, you can add more layers to a single photograph.
  • Improved digital pictures and store data.
  • Portability

The pictures are immediately turned into digital data when digital X-rays are taken. Compared to the traditional X-ray method that uses film, the technology makes 80% less radiation. Since there is no need to use chemicals to prepare the film, the time it takes to check it is greatly cut down. Digital radiography can give clearer and better pictures as well as more accurate diagnoses because it uses analytical tools and software that can find flaws. Because they are portable and have different usages, they help radiologists do their jobs better.

Dental X-Ray in Toronto
Digital Dental X-ray in St. Clair, Toronto

Looking for Dental Digital X-Rays in Toronto?

The use of digital X-rays makes the process of taking dental radiographs more efficient, less time-consuming, and friendlier to the environment, all while reducing the amount of radiation.
For more information or to make an appointment with our dentist for digital x-rays in St. Clair, Toronto, please contact us with Smile Dental Toronto.

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