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Mouth Guards in Toronto

If you like to be active or play sports, you know how important it is to stay injury-free. For certain activities, you can use a different type of equipment. For instance, mouthguards ought to be an essential component of gear for athletes. They prevent us from injuring our lips and teeth. Not just elite athletes should wear them; everybody in danger should. A mouth guard, or a sports guard, is a piece of gear that you place over your teeth to protect them. Our mouth guards in St. Clair, Toronto, shield your top teeth from breaking or even knocking out while also preventing cuts to your lips and tongue.

Regular individuals should also always consider getting a mouth guard. because you could end up losing your teeth in an accident that nobody can foresee. Thus, the best option for you is to get mouth guards in Toronto.

Procedure for Custom-Designed Mouth Guards

At our dental clinic, our top-rated orthodontic expert will take your two sittings on different days, which will be 20 min long. Described as follows:

First Sitting

During the initial sitting, our dental expert will provide you with general instructions for maintaining oral hygiene while using a mouth guard, along with its benefits. Soon after that, your teeth impression will be taken. And during this stage, you must disclose if you want a transparent or a coloured Mouth Guard.

Second Sitting

With this adjustment, you may customize the fit of your Mouth Guard to ensure that it is comfortable and effective while protecting your teeth. In that scenario, you can bring it home in its case.

Perfect Mouth Guards in St. Clair, Toronto
Affordable Mouth Guards in St. Clair, Toronto

Why You Should Wear a Mouth Guard?

It Protects Your Teeth from Harm

If you get hit in the face while playing sports, a mouthguard can help take some of the force away. This lowers the chance that you will break or lose a tooth.

It Protects Your Brain

Participating in team sports increases your chance of suffering a concussion, which can cause catastrophic brain damage. Using a sports mouth guard has several advantages, one of which is that it helps to reduce the shock of a direct blow to the jaw. Due to its ability to decrease the impact, it is an essential component in brain preservation.

It Protects Your Sensitive Parts

Individuals with hectic schedules or athletes often cause injuries to their soft tissues by overstretching themselves. You may protect your tongue, lips, cheeks, gums, and other sensitive tissues by donning a sports mouthguard. If you grit your teeth, they won't break or fracture.

It Protects Your Braces

If you are getting your teeth straightened while participating in sports, think about using a sports mouthguard. The guard prevents you from injuring yourself while wearing your braces and keeps them from breaking.

Mouth Guards in Toronto

Care of Mouth Guards

You will receive a carrying case and a dental model to store your personalized mouthguards when you book an appointment with us. You can install them on the model when they are not in use, and you can store them in your case while you are not at home. You should absolutely rinse it after each use. We normally replace it for adults once every three years, or sooner if it breaks.

If you are interested in learning more about the process and the advantages of our offered  mouth guards in Toronto, please contact us and arrange your consultation as soon as possible. Because spending a modest amount of money on mouth guards is going to turn out to be the finest move you’ve ever made in your whole life to protect your teeth and health.

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