About Us

Dr. Rashin Elahi standing in front of Smile Dental Toronto logo with a bright smile, representing quality dental care

Meet Your Smile’s Best Friends!

Our team at Smile Dental Toronto is exceptionally skilled and exceedingly friendly. We possess years of successful experience along with a deep passion for ensuring your lifetime oral health. Our paramount priority is crafting the healthiest and most eye-catching smiles for the patients. To achieve such a goal, we have gathered a hand-picked team of top-rated general dentists, dental specialists, oral hygienists, assistants, and front desk staff. You can always trust Smile Dental Toronto group for a full scope of dental services.

Smile Dental Clinic in Toronto: A modern dental clinic offering comprehensive dental care services

Our Values


Our team comprises proficient dental professionals with training in multiple subspecialties within dentistry.


Our staff members are knowledgeable. They can answer any of your questions about the procedures and dental treatments.


We work hard to give each patient the best dental care possible along with an unmatched degree of comfort.

Our emergency dental team will restore the health of your teeth in no time, with no pain and complications.


You can always get in touch with our caring team and book an appointment at your earliest convenience.


Our modern dental office is stress-free and furnished with the best and the newest dental technology.