Unveiling the Truth: Do Dental Cleanings Whiten Teeth?

Do Dental Cleanings Whiten Teeth?

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The confusion between routine dental cleanings and professional teeth whitening treatments often arises in the quest for a radiant, picture-perfect smile. Many patients who visit Smile Dental in St. Clair, Toronto, worry if frequent dental cleanings can provide that desired white sparkle to their teeth.

Let’s clear the air about cleanings and their relationship to teeth whitening.



An Overview of Dental Cleanings

First things first: what exactly is a dental cleaning? Dental cleanings, or dental prophylaxis, are routine procedures dentists perform to remove plaque, tartar, and stains that build up on teeth over time.

During a cleaning, a dental hygienist uses specialized tools to scrape away these build-ups, intending to prevent gum disease and cavities and maintain oral health.

Do Cleanings Whiten Teeth?

While dental cleanings are undoubtedly crucial to oral health, their primary purpose is not teeth whitening. Removing surface stains during a dental cleaning might have a subtle brightening effect.

However, eliminating extrinsic stains caused by food, beverages, and other external causes is frequently limited. Due to this, routine cleanings may only restore the natural colour of the teeth, resulting in a minimal shade change.

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Distinguishing Between Cleanings and Whitening Treatments

Affordable Dental Cleanings in St. Clair, Toronto

On the other hand, professional teeth whitening procedures are specifically designed to change the natural colour of the teeth. They do this by employing bleaching agents to break down intrinsic stains. Whitening procedures, as opposed to cleanings, efficiently change the colour of teeth to a noticeably whiter shade by penetrating the enamel.

It is critical to understand the distinction between the two procedures. While cleanings preserve oral health and remove surface-level stains, teeth whitening procedures improve the appearance of the teeth by changing their natural colour.

The Role of Cleanings in Overall Oral Health

Even though cleanings are not intended to whiten teeth, their importance in preserving oral health cannot be overstated.

Regular cleanings, usually every six months, help prevent gum disease, cavities, and other dental problems. Cleanings help to maintain the teeth and gums healthy, resulting in a brighter and healthier smile.

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"Dental Cleanings: A Bright Smile's Foundation"

In summary, dental cleanings benefit oral health and may have a subtle brightening impact by removing surface stains. However, they produce different whitening outcomes than professional teeth whitening procedures. Understanding the differences between these procedures is critical for those seeking a brighter, whiter smile.

At Smile Dental in St. Clair, Toronto, we value your smile’s health and appearance. Our dental professionals are here to provide comprehensive dental care and guidance on the best treatments for your needs.

Schedule your regular dental cleaning with us to keep a healthy smile, and ask about our professional teeth whitening services for that additional sparkle!

Always remember that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Make an appointment for your dental cleaning right away! Don’t hesitate to call Smile Dental in St. Clair, Toronto, for more information and appointments.

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